Shopping on our website

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Apart from our shop, we have a website that is accessible to all. Through our website, customers are able to look at images of all the products we sell and read about the features of every product in great detail. The products are divided into many different categories. (Car Products, Wearable Tech, Lighting, Wireless Earbuds, Chargers and Cables, Computer Electronics, Dressing and Grooming, Gaming, Household Collection, and Speakers) All products fall into one of the above-listed categories based on their functions. This enables customers to easily locate products to suit their needs and wants. 

When you click on a category of your choice all products under that category will be displayed on the screen. A picture of the product with a caption as the name of the product and the price below it. If you are interested and would like to read up on its features, click on the image. 

Once clicked on, you will be directed to a page specifically for the product. Showing you the details of the product, its features, the various colors it is available in, customer reviews, and similar products that you may like. You will be given two options. ‘Add to Cart’ and the option to ‘Buy Now. 

If you choose to buy now you will be asked to provide your contact details and shipping address and discount code if you are aware of one. Once you have provided the information, you may ‘continue to shipping’. You will be given an opportunity to check the information you have entered and if you are pleased you may ‘continue to payment’ and purchase the item. 

However, if you are looking to purchase more than just one item at a time. You may add the selected product to your cart and either decide to check out the products and go through the similar process of providing contact details and shipping information or you may choose to continue shopping till you are pleased and then choose to check out. 

Once your orders have been placed. It begins to be processed by us. Let us explain what happens to your order. 

Once we receive the order we begin to create it. We will select the items you have chosen. Enter the contact and shipping information you have provided and will send you an invoice. Upon receiving the invoice we will await your payment. If we do not receive a payment within 3 days we will contact you to remind you of your purchase and confirm your order. Once we have received the payment we will then ship out your product to you. Locally, a product is either delivered to you by our staff or we will EMS it to you if you are located outside of Suva. Once the product has been sent out, we track it till it safely reaches your hands. Now that you are aware of the procedure of shopping online, Click here to place your very first order!