The Evolution of Tech Hub in Fiji

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The Evolution Of Tech-hub Two years ago, Tech-hub started with the sale of a single product. The Gen-2 Airpods. Since then we have marketed and sold more than 100 different types of electronic products and devices. A small business that was being operated and run from the small confines of a home has now expanded beyond expectation and has its own shop as well as various well recognized Social media sites and its very own online website.  Payment We have also developed our methods of payment to better suit our customers' needs regardless of where they are located. We accept...

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Importance of Price and Quality

#online buyimg #price #product #product and price

Human behavior has been observed by market experts to be somewhat surprising. We as humans automatically believe the highest-priced item is likewise the highest quality when purchasing a product we don't know much about.        Does a higher price really determine the value and quality of the product? We use our senses to assess quality: how does it taste/smell/look or even feel? Marketing that appeals to our senses through packaging, scents, and good connotations typically triumphs over our better judgment. Consider this the next time you're selecting bath and body goods. Do you select brands and packaging that...

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Why should you purchase from Tech-hub

The increased demand to shop from a small business has become a growing movement across many niches. Some small businesses are growing due to demand, some due to its unique and creative products. So what makes Tech hub unique? Its product ? Service ? Deals? Or just the name Tech Hub?   Tech-hub is an electronic retail store which has a wide range of products from phones accessories, Health and fitness, Household furniture, beauty products and smart electronics. Bringing the latest trendy items with affordable prices to help each individual live the life they see on tik-kot, you-tube and viral...

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Social Media Marketing In Fiji

Online Buying Social Media Technology

Over the last 5 to 10 years, the world of social media has probably been responsible for more innovation in digital marketing than nearly any other discipline. The social media world is a fast-paced environment where users increase and decrease, viral trends emerge, and new strategies and tactics are constantly developed. With all this in mind it is important to see how well you use social media marketing to be on top of the list, to do this you must first understand the new social media world of marketing.   What is Social Media Marketing? Let's put this is simple...

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