TechHub in Collaboration with Digicel Launched its First Ever VR Experience in Fiji Showcase 2023

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Tech Hub is leading the charge in pioneering virtual reality, offering a unique platform for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to explore cutting-edge VR technologies. Virtual Reality (VR) has become a transformative force in the world of technology, reshaping how we perceive and experience the digital realm. Recognizing its significance, Tech Hub in collaboration with Digicel Fiji embarked on an ambitious venture to introduce the first-ever Virtual Reality setup at the 2023 Fiji Showcase. Tech Hub in Suva, Fiji is revolutionizing the way technology is experienced through its pioneering use of virtual reality. By integrating cutting-edge VR technology into its programs and events.

Tech Hub is driving the growth of Fiji's tech ecosystem and positioning Suva as a hub of digital innovation in the Pacific. The advent of VR brings with it a myriad of possibilities, promising to immerse individuals in virtual worlds that were once confined to the realms of imagination. Digicel Fiji's visionary step acknowledges the importance of embracing new technologies to stay ahead of its competitors and supporting thriving technology business such as Tech Hub in meeting
the evolving needs of consumers. By integrating VR into their Showcase, Digicel Fiji is not only positioning themselves as trailblazers but also signaling a new era of customer-centric experiences in Fiji.

The influence of VR on the market in Fiji cannot be underestimated. As people from all works of life flocked to the Digicel booth during the Fiji Showcase to explore the captivating world of virtual reality. From virtual travel experiences to interactive gaming simulations, Digicel Fiji’s VR setup offers a taste of what the future holds, sparking excitement and curiosity among Fijian consumers young and old.

Consumers took their VR experience to social media platforms sharing their adventures, and spreading the word about this groundbreaking opportunity presented by Digicel Fiji in this year’s showcase. This not only captivated audiences, leaving them hungry for more unique encounters but solidifying Digicel Fiji's position as a pioneer in bringing the future to the present. As Digicel Fiji continues to push boundaries and create immersive encounters, they are forging a path towards a future where virtual and reality converge. Tech Hub is leading the way in reshaping the future of tech education and collaboration, making it an unparalleled destination for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. This pioneering move aimed to redefine customer engagement, elevate brand experiences, and revolutionize the market in Fiji.

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