The Evolution of Tech Hub in Fiji

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The Evolution Of Tech-hub

Two years ago, Tech-hub started with the sale of a single product. The Gen-2 Airpods. Since then we have marketed and sold more than 100 different types of electronic products and devices. A small business that was being operated and run from the small confines of a home has now expanded beyond expectation and has its own shop as well as various well recognized Social media sites and its very own online website. 


We have also developed our methods of payment to better suit our customers' needs regardless of where they are located. We accept cash from our walk-in customers at the shop as well as upon delivery. We also accept mPaisa and Internet Banking. However, we currently do not accept EFTPOS.  On our website, customers have 4 payment methods to choose from. In order to cater to various customers, you can pay through Paypal, Visa Card, Credit Card as well as mPaisa. We are also using the service of EMS to get our products to customers outside of Suva. 


We are now on 3 Social media apps. Each page has its own media marketing strategy. Through Facebook, we are able to list our product offerings by sharing links to our website for detailed descriptions of each product, images as well as reviews to give a better sense of our brand's personality, character, and product quality. Instagram, which is the second most accessed network behind Facebook, is used to communicate with our customers on a daily and answer any and all inquiries they have regarding our products. We also use video, imagery, and illustration to allow for a visual representation of all our products. We are constantly posting updates on new products, sales, and combo deals. Lastly, TikTok has become so popular that it has created viral trends in the cultural sphere. Our videos show the unpackaging of new products as well as eye-catching visuals of our lighting products. 


We are in sales of high-grade products. This means our products have little to no defects, lots of functional features, and are desired by customers. Our previous blog contained a few reviews we’ve received from our customers which is key evidence and guarantee of our high-end products. All our products are long-lasting as they are tested for. To read more on the price and quality of products check out our blog “Importance of Price and Quality”. 


Lastly, we will speak of the service Tech-hub offers. Our number one priority is ensuring our customers walk out more pleased and informed than when they walked in. Our employees are well-mannered and friendly. You will be greeted upon entering and all your questions will be answered and misunderstandings cleared. Not only will we inform you of the products available but we make an effort to help you make informed and wise purchases. We are committed to serving you and your electronic desires and needs. 

Tech-hub may have evolved as a business over the years but our goal and our priorities have remained the same. Which is to cater to your needs and wants. We find pleasure in fulfilling your demands and will continue to work hard to be of service to you. 

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