Importance of Price and Quality

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Human behavior has been observed by market experts to be somewhat surprising. We as humans automatically believe the highest-priced item is likewise the highest quality when purchasing a product we don't know much about. 




Does a higher price really determine the value and quality of the product?

We use our senses to assess quality: how does it taste/smell/look or even feel? Marketing that appeals to our senses through packaging, scents, and good connotations typically triumphs over our better judgment.

Consider this the next time you're selecting bath and body goods. Do you select brands and packaging that evoke a specific emotion, picture, or sensation? Most certainly, you do — even if you aren't aware of it. We're also taught to believe that fine dining tastes better than fast food. While this is true in some cases (upscale restaurants invest more on high-quality food), the quality is often comparable.

Give a cheaper brand a try if you've been avoiding it for no reason. You may come to see that your bias was unwarranted. Consider how much money you could save if you only replaced a couple of your more costly brands with their less expensive (but equally high-quality) alternatives.

Next time you purchase a product do your research, when we don't know much about a product, it has been proven that we choose higher-priced varieties. I'm pretty sure I've used a similar argument previously, deciding to go with the better brand since it was safer. While this may shield you from a negative encounter, it may be more expensive than necessary.

The next time you go out why not conduct some research before purchasing something you've never heard of? Learn about the major qualities that are genuinely vital to the product's performance (or flavor), read a lot of reviews about other brands, and talk to people who have already purchased it. This will enable you to make an informed decision free of the influence of a perceived value associated with a greater price, nicer packaging, or flowery advertising.

Sometimes we just unseen the good products that could get the work done at an affordable cheaper price and last the same amount of time as the higher-priced product. You never know for yourself unless you try it there is no harm if you don't like it trust me it didn't cost you much but if you loved it trust me you'll save so much. 

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