Iphone 14 series release in Fiji

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iPhone 14 Series Release Update in Fiji

Rumors have been leaked by multiple reports all over the internet that tech giant Apple is expected to announce the much-awaited news on September 7th regarding the launch of the iPhone 14 in the iPhone series. IOS users will be eagerly anticipating what the CEO of Apple will have to say regarding the features that will be added to this year’s iPhone 14 Series and news on IOS devices that will be released alongside iPhone 14 in the upcoming event. Already the internet is going wild with various tech enthusiasts getting their hands early on the dummy iPhone 14 which is rumored to also be available in the color purple, now that's a first for Apple to release their iPhone in that particular color regardless, it looks pretty sick, to be honest. Many reports suggest that iPhone 14 will not release a mini version of the iPhone 14 which makes the iPhone 13 mini the last of the iPhone series. 

If you were thinking about buying the iPhone 12 or 13 Series anytime soon, I’d suggest you wait for a couple of weeks because Apple is coming with a bang, especially with its advanced features in the upcoming iPhone 14 release. Apple will be releasing iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple is looking to introduce new silicon A16 Bionic chips into all of their iPhone 14 models that will give IOS users the edge to run high demanding apps at a faster pace. 

Something to get IOS users to get excited is iPhone 14 Pro models getting a camera quality upgrade from 12MP to 48MP which is expected to allow 5X optical zoom, it's a huge leap compared to what Apple has given its users in the past. It’s all in one package I must say considering the fact that this iPhone will be Apple’s biggest innovation since they have existed in the tech world. More of the features I hope will be unveiled at the upcoming event. IOS users are also getting excited about the launch of Series 8 Apple iWatch, and HomePod 2 and finally get glimpses of the Apple AR glasses which will definitely take technology to a whole new level. It looks like Apple is going to take the world by storm for yet another year with their latest iPhone release.

Calling on all of the Techies in the country to stay put and grab your seat tight for another thrilling experience with TechHub as we are about to do something incredible. We will be accepting pre-orders of the latest iPhone 14 model as soon as the release date is confirmed by Apple California. Now that's one way to keep our customers getting excited as we will continue to bring in the latest gadgets to give them the ultimate experience. Things are getting pretty legit here at TechHub, where it's the way to go. 

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